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Terms for Vehicle Order

  1. Net price inclusive of 6 months road tax, number plates, registration fees (RF), in-vehicle unit (IU), additional registration fees (ARF) and With Or Without Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

  2. Subject to COE, I/We agree to cooperate with Acquired Cars Pte Ltd (AHPL) to enable LTA registration of the car upon notification

  3. This agreement is not binding on AHPL unless approved and accepted by a duly authorized officer of AHPL

  4. The above prices shall be subject to change without prior notice

  5. AHPL makes no representation  as to the open market value (OMV) or COE price, RF, and ARF payable to the relevant authorities in respect of the registration of the car, and the Customer expressly acknowledges that under no circumstances whatsoever will they have any claim against AHPL arising out of or in connection with any fluctuations in the OMV of the car or in the COE price, or RF and ARF payable in respect of registration of the car, including but not limited to the circumstances where the OMV of vehicles similar to the car, or the COE prices or RF or ARF payable in respect of the registration of vehicles similar to the car after the parties enter into the Agreement

  6. The agreement is not transferable and assignable and only the name stated in the Agreement as the Customer is recognized for registration of car. AHPL reserves the right to refuse to register the car in any name other than that named as the Customer in this Agreement

  7. Upon successful notification via email or other forms of communication, the Customer is to make remaining payments within three (3) working days from the date of notice. Should the Customer fail to make payment, the Customer shall forfeit the Deposit and be liable to pay cancellation charges equivalent to 5% of the car price

  8. In the event that AHPL is not able to deliver the promised car within six (6) months from the estimated delivery date or did not successfully bid for the COE after 6 bids, the Customer shall have the right to request for a refund of the deposit from AHPL

  9. A $10,000 deposit is required to be paid by the Customer prior to the bidding of the COE. The Customer agrees that AHPL reserves the right to allocate the COE under any category 

  10. A 10% deposit of the car price is required to be paid by the Customer to confirm the order for the car.  

  11. All Customer data will be kept strictly confidential and solely used for the purpose of the sale transaction and after sale services rendered

  12. All options that are not listed above will be subject to additional charges

  13. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that receipts are issued for all payments made to AHPL

  14. All car purchases with AHPL must include a 60% loan package and insurance coverage procured by the company

  15. AHPL reserves the right to cancel this agreement and provide a refund to the customer at any time with no further obligation or liability 

  16. AHPL reserves the right to cancel this agreement and forfeit the deposit if the customer fails to obtain COE within the first two bidding cycles, or provide requested documents after three (3) working days

  17. I/We have read and understood all the terms and conditions on this Page and attached Agreement for Sale of New Vehicles and confirm my/our 
    agreement for the same

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