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Our Warranty Policy


All cars purchased through Acquired Cars come with a warranty. Our warranty covers all issues not related to normal wear and tear subject to the terms and conditions of this policy so your purchase can be worry-free.

The warranty usually covers the following sections: 

Engine Warranty

  • Balance shafts and balance shaft bearings

  • Camshaft, bearings and followers

  • Camshaft Timing sprockets

  • Variable Valve Timing mechanism

  • Connecting rods and bearings

  • Crankshaft and main bearings

  • Cylinder block

  • Cylinder heads

  • Front Crank shaft drive pulley

  • Oil pan

  • Oil pump

  • Pistons, piston rings and pins

  • Push rods

  • Rocker arms, shafts, bushings

  • Seals and gaskets (Alone not covered)

  • Timing gears, guides and tensioners

  • Timing Chain vibration damper

  • Timing chain cover

  • Valve covers

  • Valves, valve guides, lifters, springs and seats

  • Flywheel / Flex plate (breakage)

  • *Timing chain/belt (breakage)

  • Turbocharger/Supercharger unit – factory installed

  • Flywheel ring gear

  • Manifold, intake

*Timing Belt covered provided that the last due change of the belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer’s schedule (proof required)

Transmission Warranty

For automatic, manual and CVT:

  • Shafts, Gears, selectors, bearings, pumps

  • Gear shift cable

  • Governor assembly

  • Release hubs and bearings

  • Seals and gaskets (Alone not covered)

  • Torque converter

  • Housings / cases and oil pan

  • Differential Gear assembly

  • Shift solenoid valves

  • Automatic transmission Fluid Temperature sensor

  • Vehicle Speed sensor

  • Gear Range position sensor

  • Park/Neutral position switch

  • Vacuum modules

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Cooling unit

For manual clutch:

  • Clutch master cylinder

  • Clutch throw-out bearing

  • Clutch slave cylinder

Drive Axle Warranty (Front & Rear)

  • Oil pan and axle drive housing

  • Seals and gaskets (Alone not covered)

  • Bearings (wheel bearings excluded)

  • Drive shafts

  • Constant velocity joints (unless damage caused by torndrive boots)

  • Universal joints and couplings

  • Locking hubs

Electrical Warranty

  • Alternator and regulator pack

  • Starter motor

  • Starter motor solenoid

  • Coil, ignition

  • Distributor assembly and shaft

  • Distributor cap and rotor

  • Ignition module, electronic

  • Switches, manually operated electrical

  • Windscreen wiper and washer motors (front and rear)

  • Horn and multifunction stalk switch

  • All Electronic Control Units ECU’s (factory fitted)

Engine Cooling System Warranty

  • Water Pump

  • Radiator and radiator fan

  • Radiator fan clutch, viscous coupling or motor

  • Thermostat

  • Thermostat housing

  • Oil cooler

  • Radiator Cooling fan resistor

  • Coolant Level sensor

Steering Warranty

  • Idler arm

  • Linkages and couplings

  • Power steering reservoir

  • Pulley assembly, power steering pump

  • Seals and gaskets (alone not covered)

  • Steering rack and pinion housing

  • Manual and power (includes all internal parts, exclude gaiters)

  • Steering box

  • Power Steering - Electric assisted sensor and motor

Front & Rear Suspension Warranty

  • Ball / swivel joints, upper and lower

  • Control arms, upper and lower

  • Control arm shafts

  • Linkage

  • Spindle and spindle supports

  • Springs (front and rear)

  • Stabilizer bar

  • Tie rods

(Note: suspension bushings and shock absorbers are not covered, as these are a wear and tear item)

Brakes Warranty

  • Anti-lock brake module, pump and sensors
    (ABS - Factory fitted)

  • Backing plates

  • Power brake booster

  • Callipers and seals

  • Combination valve

  • Lines and fittings

  • Master cylinder

  • Parking brake linkage and cables

  • Retainers and clips

  • Self adjusters

  • Shaft, brake pedal

  • Park brake return springs

  • Wheel cylinders

Air Conditioning* & Heating Warranty

  • A/C compressor and seals

  • A/C compressor / clutch switch

High-Tech Warranty

  • Keyless entry / central locking system (excluding door handles)

  • Power door locks and retainer clips (excluding door handles)

  • Power window and sunroof motors system (excluding door handles)

Fuel Injection & Emissions Management Systems Warranty

  • Air control valve

  • Mass Air Flow sensor

  • Air idle control valve

  • Air supply valve and tube

  • Barometric / MAP pressure sensor

  • ECC (Electronic Climate Control) relay assembly

  • Lambda (Oxygen) sensor

  • EVAP vapour storage canister

  • Knock sensor

  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation system (excluding hoses)

  • Temperature sensor, engine coolant

  • Vacuum restrictor

  • Throttle Body and throttle position sensor

  • Fuel accumulator and pressure regulator

  • Engine Cooling Temperature sensor

  • Accelerator Pedal Position sensor

  • Camshaft Position sensor

  • Pollution sensor

Fuel System (Diesel & Petrol) Warranty

  • Mechanical and Electrical fuel pump(s)

  • Lift pump

  • Fuel tank sender unit

Turbocharger (Factory-fitted) Warranty

  • Turbo unit,

  • Wastegate and actuator

  • Metal Pipes


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